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January 10, 2007


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::Welcome to the January 2007 Issue::

::HomePartyPlanNetwork.com Monthly Newsletter::


In This Issue

Advertising Special :: Home Party & State Directory Ads

Featured Home Party Plan :: Initial Outfitters

Featured Article :: How to Overcome All Your Fears of Selling

Home Party Plan Tips ::  How would I use this Fabulous Product?

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Home Party Plan Business Opportunities

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Advertising Special

Purchase a One Year Home Party Directory ad for $40

and receive a FREE One Year State Directory Ad ($10 value)!


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**Offer Valid through 1-31-07**


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Featured Home Party Plan Opportunity of the Month




Initial Outfitters – Boutique-like Jewelry and Gifts, Personalized!


Join an exciting new company with great opportunities, and offer products that you can be proud to represent!  The Initial Outfitters product line features items that cover “all of the people in your life” – from boutique-like jewelry to monogrammed soap, embroidered bath wraps to baby bibs, there is something for everyone and every occasion.  It’s like bringing a great gift shop to your customers!

  • Your sales opportunities are greatly expanded

  • No inventory

  • Orders placed via your personal “virtual office”

  • Have your own consultant website

  • Earn 30% on every sale with no minimum order

  • Company funded generous hostess plan

  • Recruit as much as you like, or not at all

  • Earn commissions on sales by your recruits

  • No territories

  • Incredible administrative, marketing, and sales support

Contact me at Alicia@initialoutfitters.com or go to www.initialoutfitters.com for more information!  Get started for $199, $299, or $499 today!



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SUZANNE by Suzanne Somers ~~ Start Today!! Your Beauty Rep Beauty Care Products Online Discount Mart!

Featured Article

How to Overcome All Your Fears of Selling


Do you love what you do but hate the thought of having to "sell"

your services?


Do some of these fears arise when you think of selling?:

* fear of rejection

* fear of being thought of as pushy

* fear of getting a "no"

* fear of being seen as a salesperson

* fear of .....................


Do any of these fears resonate with you?


What impact is your fear of selling having on your business?

Your fears and unease around selling are no doubt holding you

back from having conversations with potential clients. Or, if you

are having these conversations, you can feel your fears

negatively impacting your results.


Just imagine if all your fears around selling were eliminated.

I invite you to think about this for a minute. How would having

no fears of selling make you feel? What difference would that

make to your business?


Would you feel more confident and relaxed? Would you speak to

more people about what you have to offer? Do you think you would

attract more clients?


The question then is what are the steps to overcome all your

fears of selling?


The first step is to identify all your fears of selling. I'd

encourage you to make a list right now before reading further.


Some of your fears arise because of your perspective on selling

and some of your fears arise from simply not knowing how to sell

- you don't have a selling skill set. So your fears can be

classified as either "perspective fears" or "skill set fears".


With respect to each of your "perspective fears", it is your

perspective (or viewpoint) that is giving you these fears.

Change your viewpoint, change your perspective, and you will

reduce or even eliminate your fear. To overcome your

"perspective fears", the process is to simply change your

perspective to one that empowers you rather than one that makes

you fearful and holds you back.


For example, a lot of people fear getting a "no". This arises

from the perspective that a "no" is a bad thing. I'd like you

to try on the perspective that a "no" can be a very good thing

and that you are sometimes grateful when you get it. In fact, I

would encourage you to be in active search of a valid "no". The

sooner you find a valid "no", the better it is for both you and

your potential client as you will save each other a lot of time.

How does this perspective on a "no" make you feel?


Can you see how powerful it is if you change your perspective on

a "no"? The same process can also be used for your other

"perspective fears" around selling. Look at each "perspective

fear" and ask yourself what perspective you can take so that you

are empowered rather than fearful. Hint: try the direct

opposite and explore what it would be like if you took on that



There will be some fears that will not be altered by changing

your perspective and these are the selling "skill set fears".

These are the fears that arise because you do not know how to

have a sales conversation as you have simply not learned and

acquired the necessary sales skills. These "skill set fears"

can be overcome by increasing your competence in selling and

learning the skill of having a sales conversation.


Find and learn a simple process for having a sales conversation

so you can become skillful at it. Be careful because you

absolutely must find and learn a process for having a sales

conversation that is in alignment with who you want to be. If

you learn a process for having a sales conversation that is in

alignment with who you want to be, you will enjoy having sales

conversations and your fear of having these conversations will

be reduced and even eliminated.


If you work on your "perspective fears" and your selling "skill

set fears" as I have outlined above, you will find yourself not

only having more sales conversations but you find yourself

actually enjoying them too. I have a hunch that you will also

start to get a lot more clients!


(c) 2007, Tessa Stowe, Sales Conversation. You are welcome to

"reprint" this article online as long as it remains complete and

unaltered (including the "about the author" info at the end).

Tessa Stowe teaches small business owners and recovering

salespeople 10 simple steps to turn conversations into clients

without being sales-y or pushy. To learn her 8-step process for

overcoming all your fears of selling, get a copy of her free

ebook at http://www.salesconversation.com/overcomefears

Home Party Plan Tips

How would I use this Fabulous Product?

I break the guests up into teams with 3 or 4 on each team.  I give each team a piece of paper with 25 blank lines on it.  I pick one of my products and set it in the center of the room.  I then give the teams 2 minutes to come up with as many uses as they can.  I tell them to be specific because any duplicate answers will be crossed off.  At the end of the two minutes I have the teams read off their answers.  All duplicate answers are crossed off.  The team with the most answers left wins.  I give a small gift to everyone on that team.  You could play "What would I wear with this" or "What would I cook with this " or any variation that would fit your products.  It is a lot of fun and gets your guests thinking about using your products.


This Game Submitted by:

Anita Jackier

Independent Consultant

Southern Living at Home

Home Party Plan Business Opportunities

IMPORTANT: Only use the contact information in the ads below to place an order or inquire about hosting a show or becoming a consultant.  Any other form of contact will be considered spam and/or harassment.  Thank you!

RemARKable Career with Noah's Ark Animal Workshop

As an independent Crew Member you will conduct "make your own" stuffed animal workshops for events like birthdays, preschools, daycares, summer camps, senior centers, playgroups, corporate events and more.  You run your own business and work on your schedule with no reporting parties and no quotas or minimums to spend.  Work when you want to and even take your children to your workshops.  This kid-friendly business is exploding all over the US and now is the time to get on board while the opportunity is still new.  Minimum commissions earned are 35%-45% plus monthly bonuses for sponsoring and leadership positions.  Call  or email me and I'll help you set up a "try it" party.  More information at www.theteddyteam.com

Roberta Love, Independent Founding Member #95 



Signature HomeStyles brings to you Styles for Everyday Living
Signature HomeStyles brings to you Styles for Everyday Living. Our Signature Baskets will simplify your life and save you time when you organize your home in style with our Storage Solutions. The next step is to Accent your home with our beautiful line of accessories which include wall borders, linens, Welcome Ware Dishes in 5 color choices plus very neat "accent" dishes. Our copper accent pieces in cream color or brushed copper will delight any home decor. Our Seagrass baskets are a huge hit in today's decorative homes. Signature HomeStyles merchandise will help you design your own Signature style. Come July you will love our Fall and Holiday catalog. All this is yours in the comfort of your home to share with your friends and family. The best part is our generous Hostess program and affordable prices.  Don't miss out on the "Best" kept secret - visit my personal website where you can view our entire product line. www.signaturehomestyles.biz/sm62

Swiss Colony Occasions

Swiss Colony Occasions offers delicious foods and inviting products for every event, whether it's dinner with the family or your next party. Whatever your occasion, we help bring family and friends together for shared moments.  Family-owned and operated, Swiss Colony Occasions is located in Monroe, a small town in Southern Wisconsin. Built on superior customer service and great products, Swiss Colony Occasions brings sumptuous foods, quality entertaining items and inviting décor directly into your home.  If you love family, friends and food, then Swiss Colony Occasions is perfect for you!  Get in on the ground floor of this new and exciting consultant opportunity, and we'll help you succeed at building your own business, right at home.  For more details, please visit:  www.swisscolonyoccasions.com or email support@SwissColonyOccasions.com .

Sensaria Natural Bodycare.  Bring the Spa Home!

Join one of the hottest direct sales companies out there today- Sensaria Natural Bodycare.  Hostesses love holding our “at home” spa parties, where guests are pampered with our naturally based products, and are encouraged to create nurturing rituals in their busy lives.  Sensaria makes a fabulous line of consumable products, including  skin care, hair care, body care and home care products.  The company provides extensive training and support to its representatives, and empowers them to build successful businesses, while retaining balance in their lives.  Be one of the first in your area to be part of the growing Sensaria team.  You will have repeat customers who re-order their Sensaria line and repeat hostesses who love sharing the spa experience with their family and friends.  Representatives earn 30% of sales and additional bonuses.  Free website and client ordering available from website.  For more information email me at lauradorsibauman@mysensaria.com or visit my website at www.sensaria.com/lauradorsibauman.

Become a Slumber Parties Distributor!
Slumber Parties was founded in 1993 as a business created by women, for women and about women. Slumber Parties offers the best opportunity in the adult in-home party plan industry thanks to our wide array of Romance Enhancement Products, our professionalism and our generous hostess and distributor programs. Women across the country are looking for distributors of romance enhancement products - they want to have parties. You can be there for them and earn great money while having fun yourself! Slumber Parties distributors average $300 to $500 for each party – that’s $50 to $100 per hour! Better yet, we get paid the night of the party. No company has more rewards than Slumber Parties - bonuses, free products, prizes, free shopping sprees and more! No company provides more training than Slumber Parties – National, Regional and Local Training, Website Chats, Discussion Boards and more! You can get started for as little as $250 – and you can earn that and more at your first party. If you’ve been thinking about making some extra money alongside your current obligations, check out Slumber Parties. For more information, visit my website at www.SlumberPartiesByJackie.com or call me at 856-261-0749. DON’T WAIT – START TODAY!

Interested in Becoming a Love Nest Home Party Rep?

The Love Nest has been hosting Home Parties since 1976. Our Home Party Reps are just people like you! Anyone can be a successful Home Party Rep: stay-at-home parents, career professionals, young and old, from all ethnic backgrounds. A desire to obtain financial success and to have free time to enjoy life, and determination to translate their desire into reality - are the things they share in common. No Experience Needed! As a Love Nest Home Party Consultant, you will receive the necessary training and support though a business manual, leadership and training from your Team Leader. Please visit our website for more information. If you'd like to speak to us directly about becoming a Love Nest Home Party Consultant, please email us or call Tricia at 1-604-760-6324.

As one of the first Charter Consultants directly under the corporate office,
I am proud to introduce you to Suzanne™ !!

Act now to get in on the GROUND FLOOR with a company that offers an incredible product line, a trusted brand, and all the business and technical support you need. With Shanda’s Suzanne™ Success Team©, we are here for you every step of the way!

 • Beauty

 • Food

 •  Jewelry & Fashion

 • Products Ranging from $7.95 – over $100!

 • 24/7 online training and support center

 • One-on-One orders or Party Orders Accepted!

 • Online Ordering

 • Personal Web Sites (Corporate Consultant site after kit ships.) 



This is your chance to get in at the very beginning - to be a charter SUZANNE™ Consultant!  Imagine what it will be like to be one of the people who started it all!  For more information, please contact Felicia McNeice ID# 1237 631-714-4631 Feliciamcneice@aol.com 


Friends, Trends and Freedom.  What do women really want?  More style.  More freedom.  More fun!  Million Wishes is a newly launched direct sales company, owned by Jones Apparel, the same company that brings you Jones New York, Nine West, Anne Klein and Enzo Angiolini, and more.  Armed with expertise and access to fashion forecasters and celebrity trends, Million Wishes designers have created an exclusive line of jewelry, handbags, belts and scarves for women from all walks of life and age groups. Who says you can’t have it all?  As a Million Wishes Style Consultant, you won’t miss out on life’s sweetest moments. Looking for balance, financial security and personal fulfillment?  Where family and career peacefully co-exist?  Longing to create success on your terms?  With Million Wishes, you’re the boss, you set your own hours and develop your own schedule.  Earn up to 35% commission on your sales, and additional company bonuses.  Advance into management and earn greater rewards.  You’ll be on top of the trends with the inside fashion scoop, offering your customers up-to-date fashion-right advice.  Enjoy more fun in your life from the experiences you have, the people you meet and the money you earn.  For more information email Laura D’Orsi #5353, Charter Independent Style Consultant at Laurawishes06@yahoo.com .


 Sempre Bella Skincare is a new and unique direct sales company targeting the fastest growing segment of our population – the 40+ age group – estimated at over 78 million and growing.  This is a GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY where the sky’s the limit!  Be the first in your area to introduce this full line of age-defying products and reap the rewards!   

Reasons to Succeed:

*Brand new home party experience!  

*A woman-owned, faith-based company where honesty & integrity abound

*Excellent start-up and on-going training programs

*Unlimited earning potential

*Low start-up investment

 We are changing the face of the home party industry.  Come make history with us!

Catherine Nichole, Founder

Email: sales@SBskincare.biz

Website: www.SBskincare.biz

Must See Consultant Marketing Supplies Sites


Glitz Recognition and Promotion A Finalist for the DSA partnership award in 2004 and 2005 – Serving the leaders of the Direct Sales Industry - Glitz is your headquarters for incentive jewelry & charms that motivate believers & recognize achievers.  We stock over 2000 items with no minimum order!  We also offer custom jewelry solutions, as well as custom imprinted sales aides.  Make sure to check out our G.I.R.L.S program, which walks you through creating custom sales contests online.  We look forward to helping you grow your business!  Contact us for a catalog at www.glitzetal.com  




Advertise your website just by driving or parking your car! - webdecal.com



Drive Traffic To Your Site Just By Driving Your Car!  Stand Out In The Crowd With a Highly Visible WebDecal!  Solve the problem of getting your website address in front of people and do it everyday, every where you go for less money than the cost of a tank of gas.



MLMEasyMoney.com -

Fully integrated contact, downline and financial management software specifically designed for Direct Sales.  Easy to use.  Nine-year track record.  Custom editions available for most companies.





"Brag Bags" by something2bragabout.com

Promote your business with a Photo "Brag Bag"...  Three different sizes to choose from with 4, 6, & 9 picture pockets right on the front of the bag for all to see...Pictures can be exchanged by you, when ever you wish to update and promote new items.  Make this an every day accessory and start building your business today!


Business Enhancements, Inc.

Providing Direct Sales Consultants the tools designed to help them be successful!  Some of the products offered include post cards, gift certificates, hostess packets, customer info cards, and more.  There's also an area specifically for home decor products, jewelry products, and scrapbooking products.


DreamTracker Solutions PartyTracker 2.0 is geared toward the individual who sells for an at home party plan company. Designed to help the party plan representative organize their business, PartyTracker 2.0 walks you easily through inputting information, allows the user to define set values that will be used through out the software and run reports on any of the information input in to the software.


Express Yourself! Promote your business and make it FUN with awesome products from Express Yourself! We offer stickers, postcards, rubber stamps, visual aids, and many specialty items to help you promote your business. Use these business boosters to help increase sales, bookings, show attendance and motivate your downline. Serving Consultants and Leaders in the direct sales industries since 1998, we have the products to make your business successful!


Gene Letterio Company

Our company was founded in 1967. We are proud members of DSA (Direct Selling Association). Our printing services include providing personal business products for several direct selling companies like Tupperware, Kara Vita, Living Room Learning, Big Enough Clothes and Entertain with Ease.


Marking Solutions

Marking Solutions is a Member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).  They make the finest self-inking rubber stamps (stamp your catalog and order forms), business cards, name badges, and many other items for independent Sales Representatives.  They have great pricing, service, and quality.


Nashville Wraps

Wholesale Gift and Packaging Products Gift Bags, Paper and Plastic Shopping Bags, Cellophane, Gift Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Ribbon, Gift Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Wholesale Floral, Gift and Gift Basket Supplies plus much more.


Party Manager Software

Valuable software for any type of sales consultant on a large or small scale, who needs to organize their business.  Special features include: E-Mail Blast, Customer and Sales Tracking and Inventory Management.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


We offer custom/personalized laminated labels for consultants in addition to our pre-printed stickers.


T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. specializes in products to help you TRAIN, RECOGNIZE, INFORM and MOTIVATE your teams to success! We offer numerous cards, awards and other items customized for the business community and the direct sales industry to help with this task.



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